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Some Common Errors in Stereo 3D

Alfie Albert at Baker Street station
“Now, where’s that 3rd dimension gone?”

Here’s a freebie download from me! This is a video I created as a teaching aid when I taught Stereo 3D to MAs and staff at Ravensbourne College.
There are nine short clips, each with a different 3D error. I played the video to the students, and then asked them to identify the error in each clip.

You can view it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/VVGAlOLLiJo

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 19.04.29

And you are free to download the original HD file here:
https://mega.nz/#!Ssog3SQB!-JMxuW_az3njNEQRiyca3-Ru28euVC7RdIUWhcpB4ic (320MB)
Note: to download click the BLUE TEXT beneath the red button!

This was recorded with two Canon 105s in SBS mode converged about 8ft away. IA=4″

Here’s what I did in the classroom:

I first show ① ‘Raw’ and explain that this is straight from camera, but I’ve made some minor vertical and horizontal shifts to line the images up, and a small zoom in to eliminate cropping. Can the students spot anything else that may still need correcting?
I pause/repeat the video while they consider. They’re unlikely to see anything relevant, but it depends on who they are.
I then show ② to ⑨ saying that I have introduced some kind of error in each, and ask if they can spot what it may be.

The errors are:
① Raw (no errors added)
② Color differences between L & R
③ One eye soft
④ Vertical disparity
⑤ Out of sync
⑥ Rotational disparity
⑦ Zoom disparity
⑧ L & R reversed
⑨ Raw (same as 1)

I then ask them to look more closely at 9 and see if they can spot any errors they missed before.
There’s at least three!

The actor is the most excellent Alfie Albert
Video extract is from ‘Mind The Gap’

*and please DON’T remove my name from the video!



Stereo 3D Reading List

3D Movie Making – Bernard Mendiburu
Absolutely essential reading.

3-DIY: Stereoscopic Moviemaking on an Indie Budget
Great book by one of the giants in 3D.

3D Storytelling by Phil 'Captain 3D' McNally
3D Storytelling: How Stereoscopic 3D Works and How to Use It
Excellent and well illustrated primer by the master of 3D.

Sky3D Logo
Sky’s Basic 3D Guide. A very good introduction.
Sky3D’s Broadcast Spec – love it or hate it…


Perception and the art of 3D Storytelling
Perception and The Art of 3D Storytelling
Two excellent articles about Brian Gardner’s seminal work on Coraline
– he’s recently shot to fame with his work on Life of Pi.

Geoff Boyle
3D Cinematography Basics – Geoff Boyle’s excellent primer

Awesome page on 3D volume by Dreamworks’ genius
Captain 3D. http://www.captain3d.com/temp/cml/cml_volume.html

Andrew Woods
Andrew Woods’ paper on the parallel v converged debate causes
much controversy and is required reading

Body Image
Bernard Harper’s paper on Body Image Distortion in 2D/3D

An article on the Methode Derobe

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 17.35.03
Technicolor’s common errors chart. Some debate about this!

If you have any suggestions on ways to improve this list, please let me know.


Scorsese on Hugo
” A loose connection you reckon?”



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