Back In The Day: The Panavision PVAP

Samcinevision PVAP

This was a great piece of kit! I wonder if any are still working? It was built around one of the first portable PCs, running Windows 95, and would be connected to the video tap from a 35mm camera, provide variable speed playback, mix/overlay, keying, switching matrix, remove camera flicker, had some great edit functions, and even made the tea. Note the Zip Drive.

This was way before recording to computer memory was the norm, and I could see then that this was where the future lay. But of course – it would crash regularly. I would phone Panavision asking how to fix that. And the reply I’d get? “But that’s what computers do – crash.” Priceless.

Panavison PVAP 1
Click for larger image

Panavison PVAP 2
Click for larger image


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